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RFMWC:- Radio Frequency and Microwave Community is a growing community of RF and Microwave Manufactures and Professionals. It is one of the fast-growing websites with Search engine optimized content. This community website helps manufactures to reach to largest RF and Microwave audience around the world.

We are happy to get contacted for the following:

  • Audience Feedback on RFMWC.

  • Article publishing from RF & MW professionals.

  • RF & Microwave Manufactures product promotion and newsletter.

  • Participate in the backlink exchange program.

  • Manufacturers and Advertisers can display promotional ads.

  • Job Posting for the RF and Microwave Professionals.

Feedback to RFMWC:

As a visitor of RFMWC, if you find any article impressive or would like to correct/update the content anywhere on the RFMWC website, kindly write to us through the below form. We are happy to make the necessary correction in the content for the betterment of the website. We are always thankful to those who take the utmost interest to share valuable feedback.

Article / Tutorials Submission:

RFMWC always looks forward to RF and Microwave professionals for technical content and knowledge which can be published on our site. RFMWC constantly seeks technical materials related to RF & Microwave domain topics with 1000+ words with original content. We accept submissions in the form of articles, tutorials, newsletters, product and application notes.

  • For your articles, we will include your name, company, author details, and link to your page/ site if needed.

RF & Microwave Manufactures product promotion:

RFMWC always welcomes all the manufactures to share new RF and Microwave product release details through our newsletters. Manufacture product details including images can be shared over our Tech updates. As we are publishing the articles in the sequence order, publishing of the details may be delayed, however, we will try to publish all the newsletters and tech updates within a week of the time of receipt of the request.

  • All the newsletters will be verified by the RFMWC admin before publishing, If any newsletters, articles, or tech updates find inappropriate or irrelevant to the domain, the content may be rejected.

Backlink Exchange:

RFMWC always looks forward to RF and Microwave manufacturers and other professionals, Manufactures who have a website or a social media page to contact us for the backlink creation with our community site. Through this program, we would like you to mention details of the RFMWC website on your website page and In exchange, we will mention your site/page link on our website page.

Advertise on RFMWC:

To boost your product reach and increase revenue, RFMWC welcomes all the manufactures to advertise your latest product details on our website. Product Advertising on our website will be charged on the basis of the demand for the space on the website. Charges and validity details will be discussed and reach a mutually acceptable figure once after the Ads space is selected.

Job Posting for the RF and Microwave Professionals:

If your organization is looking for an RF and Microwave professional, RFMWC welcomes you to share your potential professional requirement through our community portal. As the aim of our website is to develop the community of RF and Microwave professionals and companies, job posting service will be completely free of cost for the manufactures as well as for the job aspirants.

  • Manufacturers need to share the concerned person's contact details like name, Mail ID, and Phone no, in our portal, so that job aspirants can reach directly. Job posting without the contact details of the concerned person will not be published.


RFMWC always welcome all the professional and Manufactures in the domain of RF and Microwave to be a part of the progress of this community. As RF and Microwave Manufactures and the knowledge of professionals are the pillars of this community website, we request all of your support for the grown of this community.

Feel free to share your innovative thoughts in the form, for the betterment of this community website.

Thanks & Regards.



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