ABOUT RFMWC- RF and Microwave Community.

RFMWC- Radio Frequency and Microwave Community is designed to bring together all the manufacturers and professionals working in the domain of RF and Microwave into a unique platform.

RFMWC website provided  Radio Frequency and Microwave Frequency electronic design updates, news, comprehensive resources, and information from the manufacturers and other domain experts to its members and visitors.

  • RFMWC serves the community members of the RF & Microwaves industry with the product and tech updated on current and next-generation technologies.
  • RFMWCservices customers with details of specialized components, sub-systems & systems,s and Test & measurement instruments from respective manufacturers.

RFMWC is the hub of RF and Microwave Manufactures and professionals from around the world. It is one of the fast-growing websites in the domain of RF and microwave emphasises the content with SEO.

This Radio Frequency and Microwave Community website will help the manufacturers to reach to largest RF and Wireless users across the world with lesser marketing costs and helps to increase the sales revenue.

RFMWC Team Service offerings:

Following are the top digital marketing services, which we offer to RF and Microwave designers, manufacturers, distributors and other professionals.

ADS - Advertise on RFMWC: ADS service is to promote your Company and Products to the most targeted RF & Microwave audience.

LBS - Lead and Business Development: Through LBS service RFMWC team generate leads and manages Business Development for your company and products.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing: Through SEM service RFMWC team create Google, Linked-In, Facebook RF and Microwave product AdWords Campaigns with an optimized high return on investment(ROI).

SEO -  SEO Technical Content Creation: SEO technical content creation service is to create Search Engine optimized content for your RF and Microwave  Components, Systems, Instruments and other product offerings of your company.

SMM - Social Media Marketing: SMM service is to manage your company's social media profile on LinkedIn, Facebook and marketing of RF and Microwave products.

EMS - Email Marketing Service: Through EMS service RFMWC team offer an automated Email Marketing Service to reduce the pain of new customers onboarding to scale your RF business.

How RFMWC help the Audience:

 RFMWC community website designed to create an RF and Microwave professionals community to share the latest Articles, Tutorials, Manufacture Information, Terminology in RF & MW domain, RF & Microwave parameter calculator, RF and microwave books, downloads, and more to its audience.

  • Manufacturers can utilize this space for the promotion, technical sales, and marketing of their latest products.
  • Visitors can utilize this site to get timely updates on RF & Microwave tech products and use these RF&MW components, subsystems, and T&M instruments in their design and manufacturing of end products and solutions.
  • Help the audience to identify the respective manufacturers and reach them directly through the direct link on the manufacture details page.
  • Help the Audience to easily identify the list of manufacturers from around the world for any particular product or system.

The Mission of RFMWC:

RFMWC - RF and Microwave community: Becoming a single source of information for all the critical components, subsystems & systems, and Test & instrument requirements of our valuable visitors by sharing the platform space to the worldwide manufacturers in the RF and Microwave industry.

  • RFMWC needs to become the first choice of the manufacturers for their technical sales and marketing of the latest products to worldwide customers.
  • RFMWC needs to become an ideal source of information in the domain of RF and Microwave for its audience.

Guiding Principles of RFMWC:

 Below are the prime guiding principles of the Radio Frequency and Microwave community.

  • Focused on RF & MW customer domain and market.
  • Focused around the RF & Microwave manufacture.
  • Technical sales platform for all sizes of organizations in RF & MW.
  • Value-added services to the visitors and Manufactures.
  • Specialized knowledge-sharing platform in RF & Microwave.
  • An easily accessible community platform for RF & MW professionals.

Manufactures listing in RFMWC:

RFMWC site invites manufacturers and vendors in the domain of RF and Microwave components, subsystems and systems, and tests and measurements to list their latest products and update the current contact details for easy access of the visitors to the manufacturer's respective sites.

  • For listed manufacturers, they can update the details on their respective pages at any time.
  • For new manufacturers, they can list in the site by filling the details in the Manufactures registration tab.

Manufacture's details listing / up-gradation of the current content will be completed after the verification of the details and credentials by the RFMWC Admin.

Product Listing in RFMWC:

RFMWC services audience with specialized and RF & Microwave industry-focused products from around the globe manufacturers. RF & microwave Community guarantee continues Technology updates, Product information, Technical newsletters, and Supplier Updates to its audience around the world. Below are the 3 categories of products available on the RFMWC blogging website.

  • RF & Microwave Components.
  • RF & Microwave sub-systems and Systems.
  • RF & Microwave Test and Measurement Instruments.

Blogs and News Letters in RFMWC:

The RFMWC blog and newsletter page covers the resources on various topics in RF & Microwave domain such as new product releases, wireless communication, SATCOM, Radar, RF over Fiber Communication, etc.

  • RF and Microwave Manufactures can directly share the newsletters about their new product langue in the community tab as part of marketing efforts.
  • Visitors can share articles and knowledge in the RF & Microwave domain in the community tab to other audiences, as part of knowledge sharing.

Books & Tutorials:

This section covers the details of the books and Tutorials in the Domain of RF and Microwave. Community members and audiences can select and buy these books from the cart through the respective links. Tutorials on these pages will help the audience to understand more about the step-by-step design concepts of RF & Microwave components and subsystems.

Services & Earnings:

The service page describes the list of services that RFMWC offer to the RF and Microwave Manufacturers, Distributors and professionals in the RF and Microwave domain. Advertise on RFMWC and Amazon Associate Programs are the prime source of earnings for this website.

Manufacturers can directly advertise on RFMWC to promote their brands and products by paying the advertising fees.

RFMWC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. RFMWC  receives a small commission on sales via Amazon.

Contact us:

Contact us page provides an opportunity to the community members and audience to reach out to the admin of RFMWC for the following.

  • For any of the services listed on the Service page.
  • Product listing and promotion for the Manufactures.
  • Sharing of the articles in the RF and Microwave domain.
  • Newsletter publishing from professionals and Manufactures.
  • Advertising the products in the respective space.
  • Back-link exchange from the manufacturer and other sites in the domain.

Policy Pages:

Policy pages in this community site will share our privacy, Comment, and Disclaimer Policy.

Privacy Policy:

How RFMWC uses the information collected and recorded through this website.

Comment Policy:

Comment Policy explains the terms of use of comments on the RFMWC website. Violations of policy may result in the deletion of the comments and blocked access to the community on the website.

Disclaimer Policy:

Disclaimer policy in RFMWC explains the reliability, completeness, and accuracy of the information on the website. All the information published on this website is for academic purposes and in good faith.


RFMWC website is intended to help the RF and microwave manufacturers and professionals for the betterment of the RF and microwave Industry. All the product details and the knowledge in the post and articles are shared on this website are based on the information collected from the experts and from the public domains.

  • RFMWC team is happy to welcome any members to share their knowledge in the RF and Microwave domain and point out any error on any page of this website.

All the information on RFMWC, the website is shared only for learning purposes. We welcome all the RF and Microwave professionals to be a part of the RFMWC- Radio Frequency and Microwave Community.

Thanks and Regards


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