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TA9810Z – 80W CW, 50V, 1MHz - 3600MHz Tagore Tech GaN Power Transistor

TA9810Z – 80W CW, 50V, 1MHz - 3600MHz Tagore Technology Inc. GaN Power Transistor

The TA9810Z is a broadband GaN high-power transistor capable of delivering 80W CW from 1MHz to 3.6GHz frequency band. It is Silicon Carbide HEMT D-mode Transistor.
The TA9810Z is packaged in Flange (20.3x10.9x3.8mm). 


Small signal gain @ 3000MHz: 15dB
● Gain at P3dB @ 3000MHz: 14dB
● P3dB @ 3000MHz: 49.1 dBm
● DE @ P3dB @ 3000MHz: 63%
● 50V Typical operation
● Operating frequency: 1MHz to 3.6GHz


● Avionics
● Radar
● RF Energy
● Public safety radios
● Cellular infrastructure
● Military radios



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