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110 to 170 GHz Low-Noise Amplifier:-

The AT-LNA-110170-1806T from AT Microwave is a Low-Noise Amplifier that operates from 110 to 170 GHz. It provides a typical gain of 18 dB with a noise figure of less than 6 dB and has a saturated output power of 0 dBm. The LNA chip is fabricated using MMIC technology, which ensures reliable and repeatable unit-to-unit results. It requires a DC supply of 5 V and consumes less than 30 mA of current. It is the available module that measures 30 x 24 x 20 mm and has a WR-06 waveguide interface. This LNA is suitable for D band communication, FOD (Foreigner Objects Debris), test equipment, ROF (RF Over Fiber), and radar systems.

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